Class Notes

Weel 1 Introduction to class

Can only miss one day. This class is only a pass or fail class. Word press blog that will be due by March 22nd but can start being submitted my March 1st.

Week 2 I-Comm 1/16/14

Practicums avaiable for Journalism to help with experience for jobs. 3 practicums are needed for graduation. Scroll and Scroll digital are both student runned. For Journalism they offer scroll, scroll digital, Design, sales, and copy editing. They also offer Soapbox agency. This helps with Advertising, design, video production, and public relations. 5hour worth of work from any practicum and it is a 1 credit class.

Week 3 Journalism 1/23/14

Journalism informs about our interests and our societies. It persuades through great writing. Journalism is the only job protected by the constitution. Journalists help uphold that no one is above the law. Journalists are risking it all to be able to get the truth. Journalism news helps shape culture, policy and democracy.

Week 4 Visual Communications 1/30/14

Visual Communications is always relevant to a comm major. It is always needed in a job and should at least be a module. Visual Communications helps develop 5 skill sets: Digital Imaging, Web Design, Graphic Design, Videography, and Social Media Marketing. Adds the E.S.V factor.

Week 6 Public Relations 2/13/14

P.R is a planned process to influence public opinion. You become a story teller, you help people understand things. To help and inform to tell the story not told, to communicate to the public. DIFFERENCE between Advertising and Public Relations. Advertising is used to sell a product or service and Public Relations is to promote the image of the organization.

Week 7 Advertising 2/20/14

Advertising If you cant promote yourself how can you promote a company. Creativity being creative. The greater you trust in the spirit the greater you capability to create- Uchtdorf Institutional commercial- builds a feeling and good will and not so much shoving the product in the face Advertising and PR going together AIDCA





Call to action

What is advertising? The structured and composed non personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products by identified sponsors through various media.

Week 8 Grad Plans 2/27/14


Academic Advising/Discovery Grad Plan Should be being worked on workshop tomorrow from 1-5 You can access Grad Plan and Degree Audit Limit of 140 credits should be working towards your degree. Take online classes off track. Each catalog year has its own specific catalog. Plan according to your catalog year. Foundations courses just pass with a D. Major courses pass with a C. Electives pass with a D. Change credit to an audit class if you want to take a class but not want it to use up credits.



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