Weekly Websites

Week 1 1/9/14



  • QR codes on business cards link individuals to my company blog
  • A QR Code is a 2-dimensional “quick response” bar code that contains a set of data
  •  Link to your “Contact Me” page, and encourage folks to actually contact you.
  • QR codes can set apart your work from others
  • QR codes can help your page look unique

Week 2 1/16/14



  • Students in the scroll post their work on there
  • Able to check out video or photography equipment
  • Student news is available for show
  • http://www.byuicomm.net helps your advertising
  • It has Latter-Day Profiles done with members of the church.

Week 3 1/23/14



  • All the AP Press Releases are online to read for the last three years.
  • Associated press does reporting, photography, video and audio.
  • Is used in publications all over the world
  • Is free to the public
  • Associated Press was founded in 1846

Week 4 1/30/14


  • He Photographic society is open to everybody
  • The Photographic Society has many contests
  • Caryn Esplin is the faculty advisor for the Photographic Society.
  • Students post their pictures
  • A great resource

Week 5 2/6/14


  • Know your salary range before you go into a interview
  • Make sure you research before you interview
  • Most recruiters use the same general questions during the interview,
  • Before interviewing, one should know the average salary
  • Prepare for all of you interviews

Week 6 2/13/14

  •  www.prssa.org
  • The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications
  • Good PR jumpstart
  • PRSSA is made up of more than 11,000 students and advisers
  • PRSSA can connect you to lifelong opportunity, experience and professional growth
  • Helps students with PR

Week 7 2/20/14


  • BYU- I is part of the AAF
  • There are awards for advertising that you can receive from them.
  • Discounts and benefits are available
  • They post their government affairs online for the public.
  • The nation’s oldest national advertising trade association

Week 8 2/27/14


  • My grad plan is still very limited
  • I need to finish my foundations classes
  • I am a first semester freshman
  • I have taken 2 classes for my degree this semester
  • I am on a good track system

Week 9 3/6/14


  • I can find my timezone
  • There are printable PDF calendars.
  • I can find the phases of the sun and moon
  • Mobile apps are available for the maps
  • Mobile maps are available for the timezones

Week 10 3/13/14


  • The College of Business and Communication is already advertising for Experience Europe 2014.
  • The individual Business and Communication Departments are listed
  • Lists of all related Societies and contact information is on the page
  • Awards are listed for students
  • Internship information is available under the communication tab

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