Letter Of Recomendation

To whom it may concern: I am writing on behalf of Hector Martinez. I have had the pleasure of knowing this young man through work and educational experiences at Brigham Young University Idaho. Through many trials and obstacles thrown at him, he perseveres through it and is able to keep a positive attitude. He is a natural born leader, with an inborn instinct to act quickly and responsibly. He is a diligent worker and knows how to pick his priorities carefully. He carefully weighs each option with the pros and cons of each situation before making important decisions. He is a resourceful thinker and can logically come up with creative solutions to complex problems. He may follow things too literally, which may cause confusion sometimes. He can take a bad situation and turn it to work in favor with him and those aligned with him. He has empathy and get along well with other people. He knows how to make social situations profitable. He has an open mind and is always open to others opinions. He can be enthusiastic to learn new skill. He is always punctual and can be depended on. He is very organized and a skilled multi tasker. I would recommend him because of his devotion and dedication to an idea. Anything that he puts his mind to, he does not only accomplish it, but also exceeds expectations when odds are stacked against him.

– Caspian Peterson


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