Pre-Mission jitters and the Anxiety of being home

Well I have been home now for a bit more then a month now, at first as usual I enjoyed it being home for a few days but then it got old. After a week as packing my suit case again until my mother came in and asked what I was doing. It was in that moment that I realized that I was home for good. I wasn’t going back to BYU-Idaho because I was done with my first year of college. So I continued my mission application and went out to look for a job to keep me entertained because staying at home doing nothing was going to get old really fast. Eventually I got my mission app sent in and had landed a job…. In retail. The luxury of working at a retail store at the mall wohoo! How exciting or cliché don’t you think? It was a job and I was satisfied and humbly accepted the blessing and opportunity that god had given me. My mission then came in that same week and I was finally able to open my mission call and be the first in my family to serve a mission!!! And i couldn’t be anymore excited to serve in the Asuncion North Paraguay Mission. I report to the MTC on August 28th… Only 90 days away… The anxiety begins.


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