The reality of my personality

Honestly I think it’s the most interesting thing to hear what people thing of me when they are first getting to know me. So far three consecutive people have all told me the same thing. “You seem very shy but once people start talking to you, you open up. You are different then other people though.” The questions then follow. “Where are you from? Where were you born? What do you study? Where do you go to school? Isn’t that a Mormon school? Why would you go there?” Because I AM A MORMON. “That’s what it is”! For some reason the questions every single time flow the same way and lead to the same thing. It actually just makes my day. It makes me happy that I am able to have a light inside of me because of how I present myself. I am filled with joy that I am being a righteous representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The same comments of how I am different to the other kids my age and how I present my self and speak. Its funny to see people try and find that ambiguous attribute in me that differentiates me. It is just one of those happy thoughts and things that make my day. It is also nice to brighten their day to show them that there are different people in this society. All my life I had just wandered around thinking I was weird and abnormal because everyone kind of made it seem that way because i didn’t go with the flow like everyone else. But now finally after 18 years i finally feel comfortable in my own skin and to know that I am not weird for trying to be a good representative of the church. Thats who I was all along. It is nice to see now that I am older how my personality is having people around me notice me.


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