It’s so crazy how the power of prayer works. After my life experiences and moments of need I have most definitely have developed a huge testimony in prayer. It’s one of the most simplest things a person could do and yet be one of the most powerful. My prayers have been answered time and time again and every time I feel so much more blessed. I know that my heavenly father hears me and knows my heart. I know that , that’s how he is able to answer and give me exactly what I need. The rough patches in life that I have hit are always some how resolved even the little patches. One of my book of mormon teachers once asked me “Brother, did you remember to pray this morning? Does our Heavenly Father know how to help you along today? On what you will be doing on what you need? He already knows but he wants to hear it from you.” This to me spoke out because it is true. Some of us just think because our Heavenly father knows all we don’t have a need to constantly tell him everything in our prayers. When we should the most specific when asking for something giving thanks for something that is our way of actually taking in an account of our blessings and needs. In the past couple of days, with my daily prayers I have had at least 3 new blessings answering what I needed and I couldn’t be any more thankful. Just 3 things more to thank God for. 


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