57 Days to go….

Well I’m only 57 days away from entering the Argentina MTC. The anxiety is actually killing me. But strangely enough its been really fun seeing the countdown go from 112 to 57. But things just seem to get really hard and stressful all the time. Little things have been able to keep me sane and going. Like my friend Josh from school coming to see me. Honestly it was one of the best weekends to date. He was just that light that I needed at the time and he strangely enough has the best timing. Even how we even became friends. But now I am just back to counting down days. My best friend wont talk to me anymore, my parents are on the verge of splitting and I am just now getting ready to head out on a mission. I thought things were supposed be looking up. Instead I have job that truly has me over worked under paid but i have a job so I am thankful. Then my best friend Cody wont even return a simple text let alone a phone call or snap chat. Then I dont think I will ever shake off the guilty feeling that its my fault my parents are on the verge of a divorce, and i feel at the bottom of heart that it actually is my fault. 


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