Getting ready for the Temple!!!

Well as before, I realized my life was pretty much nothing but a count down at the moment. To put into a better analogy I was talking with one of my cousins this past 4th of July weekend up-state New York in a camp site. I told her “You know those episodes in Naruto where nothing is really going on but they have to do something what are they called?… FILLERS!! Filler episodes, I feel that if my life was a series right now this patch of time are just filler episodes.” As crazy as it may seem thats what I feel like. All this is just episodes that are leading to the big climactic season finale which starts the whole new season. But despite that a very important filler episode is up tomorrow and then end of one count down. Tomorrow Saturday July 12th, 2014 I will be going through the Temple and I couldn’t be anymore anxious, happy, exhilarated. This is just one step closer to being even more prepared for leaving on my mission. And the beauty of it all I get to have it on my birthday weekend so my parents allowed me to be a brat and choose the temple, and I obviously choose the Washington D.C temple. In my opinion the most gorgeous temple we have here on the East Coast.
But obviously the struggle that it has been to get to this point.


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