Keeping up with the past?

These past couple of weeks have been insane with the amount of blast from past moments I have been having. It’s both refreshing and frightening. Refreshing in aspect that it’s great to see old faces after years of not coming in contact with and how funny paths do really cross again. Frightening because once again the to fathom the idea of time is something immense. So to not make this a post about the vaguest idea ever i’ll give the examples.

It’s starts off with this little girl who was in my home ward in Richmond Hill back in like 2001 and we have pictures together as baby primary kids. I can honestly say that I don’t even remember the event of when her and her family moved away or what happened. Turns out years later she is now serving her mission in the very ward we grew up in thus leading up to us re-meeting years later as young single adults, only her as a sister missionary and me as a pre-missionary with a call. Now stumbling across these pictures I think is so funny. But it truly warms my heart to see someone from back in the good old days from when my family was very active in the church. To the point she made my mom cry to see that this little girl she taught in primary truly did become the leader of tomorrow. Also having her mention my family in my talk just brings back those happy memories.




photo  (From back in the good old primary days)

Then as my MTC entry date approaches so does my farewell talk and what the heck I even have to say at something like that. So as usual I have to find some sort of inspiration of what I am even going to say. Which for some strange reason led me to looking through some old photo albums. There were a lot of laughs and sentimental feelings as well. But one thing I saw was how happy my mom was and dad for that matter and how close they were to the missionaries and our original home ward of Flushing. It’s what truly got me thinking what this meant to me and how over the years this changes which did bring a feeling of somberness to my heart. But there was this one missionary who kept popping up in pictures with me and my family all the time. So I decided to ask my mom about him and I have never seen her face light up faster and she looks at me smiling and says “Thats’s Elder Hood the Elder that Baptized me, well converted me.” And I just felt super happy and in awe that my mom still recognized this man. That an elder that great of affect on a person. That thanks to him my life truly did change. He gave my family the opportunity to be married and sealed in the temple. The opportunity for me to grow in a LDS family household. And that is truly a blessing in my life thats when a new desire for serving a mission emerged. Not just as a duty I knew I had and a way to thank my heavenly father and to share his gospel and not for me to grow spiritually but to bring families together and unto the church. And I will always be grateful to this man and what he did and what he meant to my family. Which then led to me finding the guy on FaceBook obviously. And this is what then became to me someone I want to be. I want to be like Elder Hood according my mom “an Elder with that special it factor that allows him to touch the hearts of families” I want to be able to have that and love the people I teach so I can truly send them the love and teach them about the gospel in the best possible way.


photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1


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