Well this week was a little different mostly because it was my
companions last week on the mission. He goes home tomorrow and its
never been such a somber feeling to the mission. To see this
missionary who let himself gorw on the mission end it. It was amazing
being his companion these last 3 months. This week we have been going
around and uplifting the members with the Book of Mormon and visitng
our recent converts Pamela and Patricia. There were a lot of heart
felt goodbyyes and strong testimonies shared. We were able to start
working with this girl named rocio this poor girl has just been in the
wrong crowd for a very long time and has done things that even shocked
me and im coming from a big city. But this past week she has truly
shown us her full intent in changing. She has been clean for the past
week and even attended church this sunday. She has been Praying and
reading and shr testifies all the time of how strong she feels the
lords presents when she is trying. Honestly I am super excited to work
with her more and more.  Its going to be super awesome to see how far
we are able to go with her. Because I know the lord will help her in
any trial if she turly is asking for it. Well love you all miss you
all. and Until next week.


The rain of dispair

WELLL Hello to all of you great people!!!
THis week was not sooo hot. Literally!! So here in South America we
are going into Winter. Weird huh but then again ive always wanted my
birthday to be in the winter and its finally going to happen hhaahaha.
A real cold july. BUt then again because its Paraguay it probabaly
wont get that cold. What is happening though the temperature is
droping i didnt think i would be wearing a swater and thermals my 2
years here but hey they have a chilly season. Its been super cold this
week with a lot of Rain. The rain is kinda what makes the temperature
to drop. We have been visiting all the members, recent converts and
investigators. BUt because we are by the river there are so many
floods and it all just becomes mud. Its so nasty to walk in. It came
to the point where i stood outside my house and yelled at the sky to
stop raining…… it didnt work. But the rain doesnt help us with our
asistance to church so we had a super empty chapel i wont tell you
guys how little but it was less then 20. Yeah i know… But we are
still working super hard and giving it our all. Hey i dont know if I
told you guys by my stake was super nice enough to send me a package
full of treats. They didnt last to long. I aint them all. Also
speaking of eating on Sarurday we didnt have a lunch cita soo we didnt
eat anything all day so we decided to go super big that night and
bought a super hot dog a huge sandwhich thing and a milanesa sandwhch.
It was soooooo good. I sent pictures of all the occurances so you guys
can visually see what i am saying. I miss all you guys love all you
guys and always love reading the emails you guys send. Until nexxt

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The Waters of Remission (June 1 2015)

Well this week has been a great week for a lot of growth. So this week
we really worked on preparing Pamela for her baptism. i also was able
to have a division with a companionship and I went with Elder Raymond
young guy from Arizona and he has about 15 days on the mission but so
much great potential. It was really great I actually lerned a lot from
him. I read this talk about the Fear of Pride b President Ezra taft
Benson and honestly I want to change so many things because it can be
such a terrible thing and somtimes we dont even notice we do some of
these things It  was also really heart warming because Elder Raymond
mentioned to me how much he loved the division and he learned so much.
And it was just really touching because I remember back when i first
started out in training i also loved my first division with my Zone
leader. It was just really great. Then we also had our baptism for
Pamela. And it all turned out good. Baptisms and preapring them are
always a bit stressful haha espicially in Paraguay because the  water
doesnt always work and we hae to filll with uckets we have to make
sure everyone can attend espically because people live so far we had
to make a cake make sure that eveyrhting was clean. AHHH its just a
little stressful but oh si fun. But it alll came out with a succsess.
I can not wait to see hat the future has in stored for Pamela and her
family becuase i know the future is bright. Well i just want to say
thnk you so much espicially this week. I really really felt the love.
I heard from a lot of you and the emails always make me so happy and
make my week. I also was able to recieve a package from my stake back
home and it was super heart warming. But guys love you and miss you
and until next week

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Wedding bells are ringing


How is everyone this beautiful Monday. Just another email from the Mexican Elder from New York in Paraguay. This week was full of Stress. We had 2 weddings and a Baptism this past weekend so we have been running around like crazy. We were trying to organize the wedding getting all the preperations together, food, decorations and prepping them for baptism. It was sick.. I LOVED it. Honestly it was one of the best experinces ever. Its just great because i was able to baptise Patricia because she had picked me to do it. Which made me feel super honored because i had only been teaching her for 5 weeks. But it was a great experince. WE were at her house a few nights before teaching her the Plan of salvation and it was great because we just decided to draw the whole thing in the dirt because we didnt have paper. It was super awesome. Also this week my companion had to find a western union and we found one but it was in the sketchiest location ever and it was so funny because we didnt think it was gonna be legit but it was lololol. I took a picture of him because it was so funny. But it was such a great week. Then it all was acomplished when Patricia was confirmed on Sunday it was beautiful. This weekend for mothers day we also got to skype with our families so that was a lot of fun and Happy Mothers day to all the moms and missionary moms out there. Well thank yall so much for everything. I always appreciate the emails and messages.
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Turn away

This week was a very interesting week. Since I have been here in San Jorge I have been able to meet and find new people to teach an watch these beautiful people grow, change and turn away from there past. I have been blessed so much to be able to be here and help these people just find the path that our heavenly father allready had for them. I have sat and pondered at the simple fact abd think ” im a missionary? am i actually even doing anything? am i converting these people?” and I have come to the conclusion that yes I am a missionary set apart to represent my savior Jesus Christ but no i do not teach and no i do not convert people. Its the spirit that does it. And I honestly stand all amazed at it. That the spirit people feel and the spirit touches their hearts. They want to change. The biggest example is Pamela one of our Investigators who will be entering the waters of baptism this Saturday the 30th. When i first met her she had 2 kids living concubined to her inactive boyfriend. She drank and occasionally smoked. She has now left drnking and smoking to live the word of wisdom she has agreed to marriage and married her now husband to live the law of chasitity and after a huge rainstorm she attended church. And the one thing she always asked us after she did everything was for me to get baptised i have to do this right and we said yes and she would just smile and say okay. And i cant explain to everyone how that makes me feel. How much I love this gospel and spirit and what it does for people. Just its great and amazing seeing people turn away from there bad habits to good ones. And its great being with great people who do it along your side =)

I Will Never be the Same

Hello everyone. I would like to just wish everyone a happy day. Well
this week was super awesome We have been woking with 2 more
investigators that are being prepared for baptism the 30th of May and
we are very exscited. Its been also a great amazing realization. That
this mission and these people that we are meeting and teaching im
learning so much from and i will never be the same because of it. I am
here and i couldnt be happier. Even in those random moments when i
think about what i could be doing at home i think about all the actual
important things im doing now. Also to be able to serve with such
amazing missionaries who have become my friends  Its just im always
laughing and seeing these people laugh with me or somtimes at me its
just the same. Well its a short letter this week but i love all of you
and always keep you all in my prayers. I appreciate all the emails,
letters and love i get from you guys., Until next week,Displaying IMG_0779[1].JPGDisplaying IMG_0781[1].JPGDisplaying IMG_0801[1].JPG

Im not some tasty sugary treat (may 2015)

Helllooooo everyone!!!! Well this week literally flew by. Our weddign
had to be post ponned 😦 but just until friday 🙂 lol. I am super
excited. So this week was actually one of the hardest weeks mostly
becaus eof Sunday. So in Paraguay there are no drainage systems and if
you guys have been keeping up basically when it rains the eintire
streets flood and everything stops operating. So unfortunatly it
happened to me for the first time on a Sunday and …. Dang it we only
had 17 people attend church and technicvally just 13 cause 4 were from
a different ward and they couldnt get to their ward. It was soooo hard
i almost cried. But its okay esta bien jaja. WE found this huge dogf
though and i thought it was going to eat my companion but esta bien he
is alive. But it was just really funny. A kid in my district jhad his
birthday today so we felt like being fancy and went to the city like
Asuncion to T G I fridays and the capital is actually nicer beleive it
or not its not all just wilderness jungle. Even though I found out
that there are anacondas in my area what!!!!!! lol some old man kills
them and eat thems so im going to ask if he can make me some. LOLOL.
But besides that it was a really good week. Nothing much really
happened i hope you guys all fund youselves well. If you guys can i
would love it if you could pray for me here ive been facing some
health difficulites and also if your prayers could go out to my
investigator Patricia, Pamela and Francisico so they can keep
progressing. Thank yoju love you miss you. Until next week always
appreciate the emails.

P.S I almost forgot the title is because here calling someone churro
means like super cute and a lot of crazy praguayas keep calling me
churro and im just like im not a tasty sugary treat!!!!Displaying IMG_0647[1].JPG

And down came the bed

HELLLOOOOO well here we go another weekly update. Well this week was
interesting. It all started out with doing a service project for the
bishop and it was super weird so what we had to do was take this pile
of dirt like super huge and lug into his house i didnt really get it
but hey its Paraguay. Then on Wednesday I had a Division with Elder
Sims he is this super funny guy from St. George Utah and he is a super
funny guy we talked a lot about music and I mean the gospel to you
know haha. Then in the middle of the night all I feel and hear is a
giant thud guess what…. the bed broke hahaha. But super duper
awesome news. We are having a baptism/marrige this week, SO people in
this country are not to much about marriage so its always hard but
they have decided to be married and be baptised and it is for this
weekend. ALso i cant beleive its been about 3 weeks since ive been in
my new area super weird. Anyway im super pumped for it. Also i got a
super awesome letter with Harry Potter stamps in the mail and it was
awesome!!!!!!!! WEll love you guys miss you guys. Everything still
going strong and I love all the emails i get from all of you it always
makes my week. I would just love to share this scripture that truly
spoke to me this week. While i was reading it came upon it and it hjas
never been more true words. Its in the Book of Mormon in the book of
Mosiah chapter 2 verse 41

41. And moreover, I would desire that ye should consideron the blessed
and happy state of those that keep thecommandments of God. For behold,
they are blessed in allthings, both temporal and spiritual; and if
they hold outfaithful to the end they are received into heaven,
thatthereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending
happiness. O remember, remember that thesethings are true; for the
Lord God hath spoken it.

If we dont answer the call then Who Will

Well Hello everyone. Just another weekly email from the typical slightly above average but not really missionary. HAHA well hope everyone is doing just Dandy Pa. Everything here in Paraguay is going well. We are headed into winter so technically it should start getting colder but the cold here is not really all that cold but it is somthing. It reined like crazy on Friday it flooded like half my area so there was not much going out because well we couldnt. My area is now closer to the Rio Paraguay so more water meaning more mosquitos and I am being eatin alive down here it is crazy. But Igual nomas. This week has been pretty good me and my new comp are starting to get to know each other more. We have been good and we are working with this super awesome couple they dont have much and pretty much live in extreme poverty but they are so loving and its amazing. They invited us to eat dinner with them ands they shared with us this meal and it just touched my heart i know they will truly recieve the blessings from heavenly father. It was just super hard becuase we know the husband has word of wisdom problems so its rough but i have faith he will get through it. Also this past Sunday oh snap the whole thing well at least 75% was in Guarani so it was super funny to try and understand everything. But i was able to catch a lot of it so i am supoer happy that i did but i will be practicing a lot more. But I was also able to go to the temple this past tuesday and it was such an amazing experince. Espicially becuase right now its been a really rough patch in my mission but i am getting past it with the lords help. And i was able to share my testimony durring the testimony meeting and it was just amazing. And it was a great moment. I love my mission and I love the Lord. Love all yall and miss yall. Always love hearing from all of you.


The short one is my comp

SO this past P DAy my comp needed new pants becuase he is all out cause Paraguay killed them all so we went to this really cool and actually modern place in a classy part of Paraguay to look for pants and we found these instead.

I also sent some pictures of little piggies i saw and chickens sleeping in trees

New Guy on the Block (April 2015)


SO how is everyone? Im doing swell hah well hope the rest of you are also doing well. So lets see I had changes 😦 haha no just kidding its not that bad. But it was super sad leaving the area and my companion who became my best friend. I am not In San Jorge which is in Marion Roque Alonso. My new companion is Elder Silva who is from wait for it guess…. Utah haha of course. So its going to be a whole new game now cause I am once again the new elder in the area. But there is so much work to be done our ward is not very full and there are a lot of less active members. But we are having some success lol well i hope we do. We are working with 4 investigators and that are so awesome and I am super excited to see them progress and I hope to see them be baptised this change. But Hmmmm besides that everything is new. But I am going to the Temple tomorrow ahhhhh I am Beyond excited lol. I cant wait. But ummm so yeah thats it for this week. I love yall and miss yall and i always to hear from all of you it truly makes my weeks. 

​Saying bye to the district. Omygosh i have become part of the plaque collection of this sister in my old area. She has plaques from all her favorite missionaries that served in Molino. I never thought that Id be hanging my plaque up there so fast.