Burritos, Burritos y mas Burritos

My first change is officially over wohooo. Only 6 more weeks and im dont with training. Wow what a week.This week has been the hottest week i have have ever suffered literally. It reached 45 degerees celcius so 115 degres farenheit in the states. Yeah try wanting to go out and work in that heat and humidity but we had to do it right. Then Tuesday rolled around and it was amazing. We had divisions with the zone leaders and he was a hoomie. we worked super hard were able to get 3 new investigators with baptismal dates, 7 appointments and 30 contacts in one day it was great.And here in Paraguay thats a exelent day. But some people are too much there was one lady who just freaked for us just standing in front of her yeard but what ever. then wednesday came around and I still had that same fire that pumped feeling but my comp continues to just say im too ambitious to not get disappointed when i dont reach my goals but what ever im gonna keep my ambition because i just wanna be the best i can be in this country.Thursday though that was a day. Started out with a appointment with a less acitive and we went in and he just started going off about how he is catholic and blah blah and i dont know it was just a sad way to start the day. So we went on did our appointments and on our way home from our last appoinment i got my eyebrow cut on barb wire because the houses have them around for robers and i didnt see a loose one and it smacked me right in the face. SO MUCH BLOOD lol but im all good now. Then came saturday which was a glorious day. The reason why its called burritos burritos and more burritos is because there is this one brazilian family in my area who is truly a blessing to the missionaries. She really likes me because I always try and learn and speak portugese to her so she said she made her mexican missionary some mexican food and it was burritos. I ate like  and all the weighti had lost im pretty sure i gained back. This family is so generous humble and charitable it astounds me. And here in paraguay its a miracle if you even eat a decent meal. that will fill you up. Its hard too because of the poverty. But still going strong and loving it. Love all of you keep writing me ill keep all of you in ,my `prayers stay stong. The adventure is just beginging so stay tuned haha love all of you.


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