Little boy Stop sniffing me!!

Hey! Baytecopio Negrito!!!!! How is everyone? Well this week was a bit
better. Its still fetching hot AF the sun keeps burning my skin and
making me black everyday. Um but the heat from this sun and all the
walking i do is keeping me very skinny lol. So im not too fat anymore.
At the end of this change ill be at 6 months can you beleive it super
fast huh. But im still a baby here on the mission. This week was great
we are working with a lot of less active members but they are coming
back to church and the attandance is sky rocketting since i have been
here. The rest are still super ehh about letting us into their houses.
But whatever. I keep teaching my comapnion more slang from mexico and
he loves it he laughs every time. So this pday i took my comp around
to a place called Itagua and San Lorenzo cause i seem to like to
travel a lot in paraguay and he hasnt much. SO on Pday i took to buy
some cool souveniers. Then on the bus some weird little kid started to
sniff me like what the heck lolol. Then he offered me a lollypop that
was nice. But after that We had my comp buy his stuff he is so trunky
lolol but its cause he is so old on the mission. only 6 months left.
But my knees are doing much better i have bveen gifted with a knee
brace thanks to everyone and their lovoing emails and concern. I love
you all and miss you all. I greatllly apprciate everyone who emails me
and finds the time to do it and read my emails. Love you all miss you
all until next week.


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