New Area New Comp New Mango Juice

Hey everyone sorry I wasnt able to upload all of his emails so far but this one is Elder Martinez starting his 3rd change 2nd area with Elder Worsham in Molino

“Sorry that I couldnt write yesterday. It was a huge holiday here in Paraguay for the Virgin of Caccupe who that is i dont really know but all the Cibers were closed. So Presdient gave us permission to write today. Well this past week was fun. As the title says right changes affected me this time around haha. Im in a new area called Molino and it was so sad to leave Yukyry. But this place is just as great. My new companion is Elder worsham a white fellow from riverton utah and hes 6.8. Yeah so im the short comp in this compaionship. But he is just awesome. This is our first week together and im laughing all the time. He tries and repeats my mexican slang and its just too funny. his spanish is top noch though its really awesome. Im putting in some pictures of the goodbyes that i went to go do in my last area. ALso its mango season here in Paraguay. All the mango trees have fruit and this one hermana in my new area keeps making me this natural mango juice and its soooooo good. The only thing is finding these houses are super hard oh wait did i forget to mention its a white wash -___-. how fun isnt it? White wash to all you non missionary folk means a new area with 2 new missionaries who havent been there so neither of us know anything. how fun! But honestly its been a great week with my new comp. I truly feel that we are gonna work well together in this area. Also in the spirit of christmas and on a side note I would like to share this video that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is trying to get out there. Its called he is the girft or El es la Dadiva. (


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