The beauty of Lomitos and prayer

Baytecopio!!!!! HELLO!!! HOLA!!!

Hello everyone how are y’all?? Im hoping everyone is well finding yourself in a winter wonderland in the states unless you are also serving in a south american country then happpy heat and sufereage with me haha just kidding. Well this week has been nothing but non stop heat and walking so in other words same old same old. But we have been filled with many cool things. so first thing is as we were walking some guy comes over and is all like omygosh missionaries how are you i have a referencc for this cool family and then we realized it was out of  our limits but also not our mission but the Asuncion mission not Asuncion North so that was a little bummer. But it was still cool. WE have been meeting with a lot of less active members and they are slowly but surely becoming active. so that is exciting to see your ward on sunday more full every week. On tuesday we got shirts for the district it was sooooo Purete it had our number of months on the back with our last names. Then On thursday one recent convert in our ward was feeeling really down and conflicted and asked for a blessing and asked me to do it and it was hoinestly a very special moment for her and i think for me as well. Truly boosted my testimony on the truthfullness of this church and of the power of the priesthood. me and my comp also got matching hoodies i know we are crazy cause its blazing hot but…. not in idaho or utah or new york during the winter so thats good ill just wear it in a year and a half. SO the beauty of prayer is for sure the fact that this week i have had a lot of need of my heavnly father. And the prayers honestly have been uplifting me slowly more and more. Its truly somthing amazing and i know that my heavenly father is there and listens and answers. Also Lomitos are this really awesome type paraguyan burrito thing and possibly the one thing i love to eat in this country and that also soothes my soul well stomach. But today i also had the feeling to go back to my old area and visit some people. ANd it was so beautiful. everyone wanted to hug me and its always awkward with my girl converts. But The family i baptised that used to be jehova witness had told me their dauther has also taken the decsion to be baptised and i am beyond happy. And we both playfully reminded each other about feb 22nd of 2016 because that is the day we will all go throught the temple together and i just there are no words for that feeling. That i was able to bring this amazing gospel to someones life and its just amazing. And that they consider me a son. I cant help but cry. But i truly love this church and gospel. And know all this is true.

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