Third Week

“Well another week has passed by but we keep moving forward right. This week has dfinetly been the hardest so far. It has rained and it has but hot as heck and some people just as stubborn as ever. But at the same time i love it. its like being at scout camp but for 2 years. My stomach virus finally went away but on thursday i had to gout contacting with a fever and that was death. But coming home back to my bed to sleep was great. My 3 baptisms are now for october 11th because of general conference being the 4th. On sunday once again i played the piano very poorly but im trying haha. The member are very humble and sweet. But some paraguayans are just uhggg this one llady basically made me cry because of how closed off she was to our message that she began to critisize us for throwing away 2 years for the wrong church. =(. But anywho we tried she just didnt care. IN other news i honestly just feel like im in a bad 1970´s movie cause of the cars and music they always play and how far back they are in technoilogy. but its great in its own way my blisters have blisters now. this mission sure is… character building lol.”Displaying IMG_2160[1].JPG

WELL there he is. All safe and sound in his new home in Paraguay!!!


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