This week has been something. Probably one of the fastest weeks on the mission i think mostly for the anxious feeling i had for general conference which was amazinng!!!!! I never felt so inspired by our church leaders and prophets and it only made me happier that one of my investigators had the chance to come and listen. This week was a lot of contacting and inviting to the conference but amongst all that we were able to get in with a new family and have them become new investigators. of course with a few upsets because we were dropped by 2 but hey always press forward. Im so mad i cant really write to much because ive run out of time. GAhhh but next week ill just write the weekly email first jajaj. Got to busy responding to all your emails which I LOVE. makes my P day everytime to read all of them. As of right now everything has been going pretty well our investogators are progressing and working for 2 more baptims for the end of this month so hoipfully ill have 5 by my first 2 months on the mission. We are also helping a Brother out on being able to go to the temple with his wife so thats always fun. Always remember that our heavnly father loves us and we have the atonement in our lives to help grow closer to him. Like Elder Hugo E. Martinez said God knows all of us individually and will help and allow us to reach our full potential. So always put ypur trust in the lord. I love all of you until next week. Keep writing me i love hearing from yall


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