Well this week has been another super fast week that flew by mostly because
of the reason for the anxiety of my first baptisms We had 7
BAPTISMS!!! This saturday was crazy.. Its been great though my
reltionship with the other missionaries have been really growing so
its making me enjoy realting to everyone else about the mission. the
elders say hello on their part espically Elder Turley. But besides all
that its been good contacting and gettting the investigators ready for
november i hope to get more baptisms then october but we can only work
hard and pray and see what happens. Its super awesome because my comp
always seems to be in awe of how i am. hes always like that he feels
like im training him instead of him trainging me and its always a
great confidence boost he says that im way past the level he was at my
time and says that even now him having 10 months he feels that im
teaching him things and feels like the junior companion lol idk i
honestly feel that their is still so much more to improve on. I just
wanna continue working harder so i can reach the highest pontential i
can as a missionary. Ive been pushing myself everyday to try and
always contact everyone. This week was a super high for that because i
was able to talk to people on the bus and just get them to contact the
missionaries in their area. These past few weeks have been very eye
opening to me in so many different ways. My testimony has been able to
grow ten fold because of all the people i have been able to teach and
how their lives are changing because of this gospel. My Comp always
tells me im a little too ambitous and doesnt want me to feel
disapointed when i dont reach my goals but it only makes me want to
work harder to prove him wrong. But its been a great week. Ive truly
found the vision and love for my mission

.Displaying IMG_2211[1].JPGDisplaying DSCN1213[1].JPGDisplaying DSCN1220[1].JPG

LOOK at that amazing smile.


Your pictures brought such a huge smile to my face. Your smile is the most genuine I’ve seen it.

Anyways, I went to church in Spain last week and it is literally so different from New York, so it had me imagining how different it must be for you. There arent many members here in Spain at all and I realize why. I’ve never felt so tempted in my life. Going to church was the best decision I’ve made here so far though because I feel so comfortable there. I met a family that invited me over for lunch. They’re so cool and my Spanish is getting so much better around them because they always ask me a ton of questions. You’re going to end up baptizing so many people, that’s insane. You’re changing an exponential amount of lives I hope you realize that, although you probably do. How many baptisms have you had already?? I know that you’re such an amazing missionary and just your testimony amazes me too so I can’t even imagine how your companion must feel haha. Don’t ever feel like something is too ambitious because I feel like that’s the attitude you need to have. Nothing is imposible for God 🙂 And sometimes it’s the people you would never expect to accept the gospel that do, and it’s life changing for them. They sometimes become the strongest members in the church from my experience. If you are a tool in God’s hands you can continue to work miracles. Keep up the good work; I’m so proud of you!

Love Nat”


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