I Will Never be the Same

Hello everyone. I would like to just wish everyone a happy day. Well
this week was super awesome We have been woking with 2 more
investigators that are being prepared for baptism the 30th of May and
we are very exscited. Its been also a great amazing realization. That
this mission and these people that we are meeting and teaching im
learning so much from and i will never be the same because of it. I am
here and i couldnt be happier. Even in those random moments when i
think about what i could be doing at home i think about all the actual
important things im doing now. Also to be able to serve with such
amazing missionaries who have become my friends  Its just im always
laughing and seeing these people laugh with me or somtimes at me its
just the same. Well its a short letter this week but i love all of you
and always keep you all in my prayers. I appreciate all the emails,
letters and love i get from you guys., Until next week,Displaying IMG_0779[1].JPGDisplaying IMG_0781[1].JPGDisplaying IMG_0801[1].JPG


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