If we dont answer the call then Who Will

Well Hello everyone. Just another weekly email from the typical slightly above average but not really missionary. HAHA well hope everyone is doing just Dandy Pa. Everything here in Paraguay is going well. We are headed into winter so technically it should start getting colder but the cold here is not really all that cold but it is somthing. It reined like crazy on Friday it flooded like half my area so there was not much going out because well we couldnt. My area is now closer to the Rio Paraguay so more water meaning more mosquitos and I am being eatin alive down here it is crazy. But Igual nomas. This week has been pretty good me and my new comp are starting to get to know each other more. We have been good and we are working with this super awesome couple they dont have much and pretty much live in extreme poverty but they are so loving and its amazing. They invited us to eat dinner with them ands they shared with us this meal and it just touched my heart i know they will truly recieve the blessings from heavenly father. It was just super hard becuase we know the husband has word of wisdom problems so its rough but i have faith he will get through it. Also this past Sunday oh snap the whole thing well at least 75% was in Guarani so it was super funny to try and understand everything. But i was able to catch a lot of it so i am supoer happy that i did but i will be practicing a lot more. But I was also able to go to the temple this past tuesday and it was such an amazing experince. Espicially becuase right now its been a really rough patch in my mission but i am getting past it with the lords help. And i was able to share my testimony durring the testimony meeting and it was just amazing. And it was a great moment. I love my mission and I love the Lord. Love all yall and miss yall. Always love hearing from all of you.


The short one is my comp

SO this past P DAy my comp needed new pants becuase he is all out cause Paraguay killed them all so we went to this really cool and actually modern place in a classy part of Paraguay to look for pants and we found these instead.

I also sent some pictures of little piggies i saw and chickens sleeping in trees


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