Im not some tasty sugary treat (may 2015)

Helllooooo everyone!!!! Well this week literally flew by. Our weddign
had to be post ponned 😦 but just until friday 🙂 lol. I am super
excited. So this week was actually one of the hardest weeks mostly
becaus eof Sunday. So in Paraguay there are no drainage systems and if
you guys have been keeping up basically when it rains the eintire
streets flood and everything stops operating. So unfortunatly it
happened to me for the first time on a Sunday and …. Dang it we only
had 17 people attend church and technicvally just 13 cause 4 were from
a different ward and they couldnt get to their ward. It was soooo hard
i almost cried. But its okay esta bien jaja. WE found this huge dogf
though and i thought it was going to eat my companion but esta bien he
is alive. But it was just really funny. A kid in my district jhad his
birthday today so we felt like being fancy and went to the city like
Asuncion to T G I fridays and the capital is actually nicer beleive it
or not its not all just wilderness jungle. Even though I found out
that there are anacondas in my area what!!!!!! lol some old man kills
them and eat thems so im going to ask if he can make me some. LOLOL.
But besides that it was a really good week. Nothing much really
happened i hope you guys all fund youselves well. If you guys can i
would love it if you could pray for me here ive been facing some
health difficulites and also if your prayers could go out to my
investigator Patricia, Pamela and Francisico so they can keep
progressing. Thank yoju love you miss you. Until next week always
appreciate the emails.

P.S I almost forgot the title is because here calling someone churro
means like super cute and a lot of crazy praguayas keep calling me
churro and im just like im not a tasty sugary treat!!!!Displaying IMG_0647[1].JPG


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