¡Ire Y Hare! I will Go and DO!

Hello everyone I have written in both english and spanish dont worry =D

Hola ¿Como estan todos? Bueno esta semana a sido muy interesante. Muchas visitas al Hospital pero todo estoy bien aun vivo jaja. Nomas unas sessiones de fisioterapia y una medicina para mi Rodilla. Pero sii jaja. Pero esta semana empeso el atoño en Paraguay and raramente empezo a efriar el tiempo. Pueden creer eso Paraguay Frio!!! Casi impossible no pero paso. Pero aparte de eso la iglesia este domingo tuvimos una asistencia de casi 90 que es tan bueno viendo qur cuando yo llegue estava a 67. Pero lo mejor fue que tuvimos una familia menos activa la familia Lurdez que regreso. Nosotros estuvimos trabajando con ellos mucho y por un milagro llegaron. Tambien tuvimos a nuestra investigadora Belen que es una madre soltera de 2 hijos. Pero este domingo fue tan bueno. Tambien ahora estamos trabajando con nuestra convera recien con su historia familiar para que pueda entrar al templo. Estamos tan felizes por ella. Yo estoy tan entusiesmado para esta semana que viene. Yo amo a mi padre celestial y este evanjelio. No tengo ni una duda en mi corazon que ests es la iglesia verdadera. Y estoy tan feliz de poder trabajar en esta obra y traer este evanjelio a la vida de los demas. Los amo a todos, mi familia, amigos los extraño y oro por ustedes todas la noches. Hasta la proxima.
Mande fotos de la capilla abierta y de la familia lurdez
Hello everyone how is everyone doing? Well this week has been quiete interesting. A lot of visits to the hosptial but everything is okay. Just a few physical therapy and perscribed medicine for my knee. So yess haha. SO this week was the start of fall here in Paraguay and strangely enough is has cooled down 0_o. Can you beleive it Paraguay cooling down no way its like almost impossible right? but it happened. But besides that we had a kick but sunday. We were able to work a lot more this past week and our chapel was filled to about a 90 attendance rate which is super great considering when I first got to the are we were at the high 60s early 70s. We also had this less active family go the Lurdez family. We have been working with them for while and by some miracle they came the whole family it was so beautiful seeing them in sacrament meeting. Then we finally had one of our investigators at church on sunday her name is Belen She is a single mother to 2 kids. But This sunday was so great to see all the beautiful faces at church. We are also now working with one of our Recent Converts so she can head to the temple and do some baptisms for the dead for her family members and we are super pumped to help her and then go with her for her first visit to the temple she is very excited to get everything going. But I am more then exctieed to see how this upcoming week turns out. I Love my Heavenly Father and this gospel. I have no doubt in my heart that this is the true church and that i am very happy to be bringing the gospel to peoples lives. I will work and walk until I cant no more and i Know my knees will not be any easy way out I plan on being able to to the whole enchilada jaja and I am in love with this work. I love all of you family and friends I miss you all and pray for you all every day. Until next week =D

I sent pictures of the open chapl as well. And the family at church
Displaying IMG_1631[1].jpgDisplaying IMG_1625[1].jpgDisplaying IMG_1645[1].jpg


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