New Guy on the Block (April 2015)


SO how is everyone? Im doing swell hah well hope the rest of you are also doing well. So lets see I had changes 😦 haha no just kidding its not that bad. But it was super sad leaving the area and my companion who became my best friend. I am not In San Jorge which is in Marion Roque Alonso. My new companion is Elder Silva who is from wait for it guess…. Utah haha of course. So its going to be a whole new game now cause I am once again the new elder in the area. But there is so much work to be done our ward is not very full and there are a lot of less active members. But we are having some success lol well i hope we do. We are working with 4 investigators and that are so awesome and I am super excited to see them progress and I hope to see them be baptised this change. But Hmmmm besides that everything is new. But I am going to the Temple tomorrow ahhhhh I am Beyond excited lol. I cant wait. But ummm so yeah thats it for this week. I love yall and miss yall and i always to hear from all of you it truly makes my weeks. 

​Saying bye to the district. Omygosh i have become part of the plaque collection of this sister in my old area. She has plaques from all her favorite missionaries that served in Molino. I never thought that Id be hanging my plaque up there so fast. 


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