The Globo Loco (Feb 2015)

Well how are all y’all doing? lol well this week has been very sunny
and full of sickness. Well to tell the truth it has actually been a
really great week i feel happier then ever. My companion has been
pretty sick this week so he has been in bed for the past 3 days and i
have a little more then 1 hour of personal study so i started to do
some church history adn watch some church films and wow my testimnony
has grown so much. To see how the Pioneers the first members of the
restored church and how much they suffered and how they travled and
basically well did establish Utah. Its just been a very big testimony
builder. Everytime I read the Book of Mormon i know more and more of
its truthfullness. I have been reading a lot about church history and
Doctrine and Covenants and it has been a huge huge testimony builder.
Then a few days ago I knelt down and prayed and tried to do it in
english for the first time and i couldnt explain the feeling. But I
knew even deepeer in my heart that My heavenly father loved me. I cant
explain it but i just knew that this was the truth and that what I am
doing is what he expects of me. I am have never felt so uplifted. It
has been very spitirtual journery this week. Also for Pday our day off
we had a Zone activity and it was beyond dope. We got a Globo loko.
and we had a relay race with it and it was beyond fun. Also I have
caved in and have decied to buy sun block it has been too much this
sun has been too much and is killing my skin and making it super dark
lol. I know my mom will be very happy with this decision lolool. But I
love you all love the emails and I am sorry I am not having a lot of
time to write to everyone idividually but i read all of the emails.
Also I am sorry for not writing in spanish i just dont have time

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