The rain of dispair

WELLL Hello to all of you great people!!!
THis week was not sooo hot. Literally!! So here in South America we
are going into Winter. Weird huh but then again ive always wanted my
birthday to be in the winter and its finally going to happen hhaahaha.
A real cold july. BUt then again because its Paraguay it probabaly
wont get that cold. What is happening though the temperature is
droping i didnt think i would be wearing a swater and thermals my 2
years here but hey they have a chilly season. Its been super cold this
week with a lot of Rain. The rain is kinda what makes the temperature
to drop. We have been visiting all the members, recent converts and
investigators. BUt because we are by the river there are so many
floods and it all just becomes mud. Its so nasty to walk in. It came
to the point where i stood outside my house and yelled at the sky to
stop raining…… it didnt work. But the rain doesnt help us with our
asistance to church so we had a super empty chapel i wont tell you
guys how little but it was less then 20. Yeah i know… But we are
still working super hard and giving it our all. Hey i dont know if I
told you guys by my stake was super nice enough to send me a package
full of treats. They didnt last to long. I aint them all. Also
speaking of eating on Sarurday we didnt have a lunch cita soo we didnt
eat anything all day so we decided to go super big that night and
bought a super hot dog a huge sandwhich thing and a milanesa sandwhch.
It was soooooo good. I sent pictures of all the occurances so you guys
can visually see what i am saying. I miss all you guys love all you
guys and always love reading the emails you guys send. Until nexxt

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