The rocks of Molino (March)

Well hello everyone. Ive been well. Its been really hot and really tiring this change. I dont really sleep too well but i am always super exhausted. Aparently im loosing weight lol because its just so hot so much walking and its super srtessful. We are working really hard with the ward to get the less active members back but for some reason our asistencia wont go higher then 80 or 85 all of our potential investigators all fall through all the time with their baptismal dates or just asisting. This area has been very damaged with bad lazy missionaries for years so me and my comp came 2 changes ago to do a white wash and i thought it was going to be easier but its really not. Im just really tired. The rocks are all over my area so they are destroying my shoes and my feet. sometimes i wonder why i am here and uhgg i get aggrivated but prayer and constant prayer helps so much. But on the positive side i recieved a call yesterday from a sister missionary who is in my old area now and is telling me how all my converts are doing and how she loves them so much and that  they are so strong and happy and that she didnt even they were converts becuase they looked like members for a while and it just lifted up my spirit. Also i got my new plaque that has both my last names so thats pretty exciting. Im excited lol and well thanks to everyone who writes me it really means a lot to hear from you hope everyone is doing well and miss y’all.Displaying IMG_0479[1].JPG


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