The Waters of Remission (June 1 2015)

Well this week has been a great week for a lot of growth. So this week
we really worked on preparing Pamela for her baptism. i also was able
to have a division with a companionship and I went with Elder Raymond
young guy from Arizona and he has about 15 days on the mission but so
much great potential. It was really great I actually lerned a lot from
him. I read this talk about the Fear of Pride b President Ezra taft
Benson and honestly I want to change so many things because it can be
such a terrible thing and somtimes we dont even notice we do some of
these things It  was also really heart warming because Elder Raymond
mentioned to me how much he loved the division and he learned so much.
And it was just really touching because I remember back when i first
started out in training i also loved my first division with my Zone
leader. It was just really great. Then we also had our baptism for
Pamela. And it all turned out good. Baptisms and preapring them are
always a bit stressful haha espicially in Paraguay because the  water
doesnt always work and we hae to filll with uckets we have to make
sure everyone can attend espically because people live so far we had
to make a cake make sure that eveyrhting was clean. AHHH its just a
little stressful but oh si fun. But it alll came out with a succsess.
I can not wait to see hat the future has in stored for Pamela and her
family becuase i know the future is bright. Well i just want to say
thnk you so much espicially this week. I really really felt the love.
I heard from a lot of you and the emails always make me so happy and
make my week. I also was able to recieve a package from my stake back
home and it was super heart warming. But guys love you and miss you
and until next week

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