Turn away

This week was a very interesting week. Since I have been here in San Jorge I have been able to meet and find new people to teach an watch these beautiful people grow, change and turn away from there past. I have been blessed so much to be able to be here and help these people just find the path that our heavenly father allready had for them. I have sat and pondered at the simple fact abd think ” im a missionary? am i actually even doing anything? am i converting these people?” and I have come to the conclusion that yes I am a missionary set apart to represent my savior Jesus Christ but no i do not teach and no i do not convert people. Its the spirit that does it. And I honestly stand all amazed at it. That the spirit people feel and the spirit touches their hearts. They want to change. The biggest example is Pamela one of our Investigators who will be entering the waters of baptism this Saturday the 30th. When i first met her she had 2 kids living concubined to her inactive boyfriend. She drank and occasionally smoked. She has now left drnking and smoking to live the word of wisdom she has agreed to marriage and married her now husband to live the law of chasitity and after a huge rainstorm she attended church. And the one thing she always asked us after she did everything was for me to get baptised i have to do this right and we said yes and she would just smile and say okay. And i cant explain to everyone how that makes me feel. How much I love this gospel and spirit and what it does for people. Just its great and amazing seeing people turn away from there bad habits to good ones. And its great being with great people who do it along your side =)


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