Wedding bells are ringing


How is everyone this beautiful Monday. Just another email from the Mexican Elder from New York in Paraguay. This week was full of Stress. We had 2 weddings and a Baptism this past weekend so we have been running around like crazy. We were trying to organize the wedding getting all the preperations together, food, decorations and prepping them for baptism. It was sick.. I LOVED it. Honestly it was one of the best experinces ever. Its just great because i was able to baptise Patricia because she had picked me to do it. Which made me feel super honored because i had only been teaching her for 5 weeks. But it was a great experince. WE were at her house a few nights before teaching her the Plan of salvation and it was great because we just decided to draw the whole thing in the dirt because we didnt have paper. It was super awesome. Also this week my companion had to find a western union and we found one but it was in the sketchiest location ever and it was so funny because we didnt think it was gonna be legit but it was lololol. I took a picture of him because it was so funny. But it was such a great week. Then it all was acomplished when Patricia was confirmed on Sunday it was beautiful. This weekend for mothers day we also got to skype with our families so that was a lot of fun and Happy Mothers day to all the moms and missionary moms out there. Well thank yall so much for everything. I always appreciate the emails and messages.
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