Itaugua. (JULY14th) Last weeks email

Hello family, friends, missionaries, aqutainces etc. etc haha or just loved ones. How are all of you doing? Well ive got some excting news kind of… Im in a trio now!! What yep im in a companionship of 3 right now. I was moved over to a place called Itagua now and im with Elder Sefker from Syracuse, utah and Elder Choque from Bolivia. So it rather interesting because a lot of missionaries ended there mission this last transfer and not many came in so a lot of areas had to be closed and some missionaires had to be moved around because lack of missionaries and areas now getting bigger. Honestly im super excited because its a lot of fun but a little extra stress as well.

 I know its going to be a really fun new adventure and im excited to just bedoing the Lords work and being part of this mission. I will go and do the lords will because I love him and no other reason. I was reading the other day in Doctrine and Covenants and this beautiful scripture stood out to me for some reason. And its in DyC 64 verses 33 and 34
” 33. Por tanto, no os canséis de lo bueno porque estais poniendo los cimientos de una gran obra. Y de las cosas pequeñas proceden las cosas grandes.
34. He aquí el señor requiere el corazón y una mente bien dispuesta y los de buen voluntad y los obedientes comerán de la abundancia de la tierra de sion en estos postreros días.
I feel that this is what we should all just be working in the good things of the lord because this will help us receive the abundance of things waiting for us in Zion. All we have to do is love our Savior and be obediant to what we have to do.
I love all of yall i thank all yall for your emails and love and support. Until next week

They say 3 heads are better then 1 right?

HELLLOOOO. well this week has been fun in its own way. Being in a trio
is just a whole new adventure in its own amazing beautiful way. Just
its hard to get 3 minds on the smae page sometimes. Besides that I
dont have much to tell. Im basically doing a White wash in a trio
(white wash means opening a area that was closed or they took the
missionaries out) because my new area is called Itaugua and it used to
nhave 4 companionships but because of the decrease in missionaries
coming to Paraguay the mission closed 10 areas and one of the Itauguas
was closed so the areas got bigger and and they are brand new because
they shuffled everthing so me and Elder Choque from Bolivia are new to
Itaugua and Elder Sefker worked in the other area so he is also lost.
But its fun. and challenging it was like back in Molino. But Its
honestly a blast. I cant beleive that I am also at 11 months going on
a year and im kinda like 0_o where did the time go??? And if Elder
Silva is reading this then yes i still say “es lo que dicen”. But its
been a great growing and learning experince. Something that I will
never truly forget.
“Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism.
Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness
of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart
concerning things divine.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley
This is honestly where Im at in my life right now andI just want to
keep sharing my testimony about the turthfullness of this gospel. I
just want to keep going up from here. Love all yall miss yall and always love receving your emails.

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