To be Meak and Humblle

Well hello my amazing friends and family and friends i consider family and people that unfortunatly just have to deal with these email haha. Well this week was actually one of the more speical weeks in my mission. Its just been full of a lot of moments of the Lords blessing in ones life that somtimes we dont really realize. A lot of the times in our lives we look for huge signs or rays of light or lighting to strike us when its just inside of other people. This week we found a young man named Miguel. Amazing kid and so much faith. The first thing he wants to know is “how to be part of us” and we just giggle becuase its not a huge secret. Point of the story is right as we are leaving he asks us if we can share a prayer with his grandmother. So we went in and offered a prayer after the prayer the old women grabs my hand the hand of a underaverage 19 year old boy and puts my hand close to her face and just thanked me so much and I didnt even know for what. And i couldnt help but to tear and hold her hand and let her know it would all be alright. The next day we went to our investogators home who we have been teaching and we were thinking we probably shouldnt continue with and mid lesson he stops us and tells us he knows. And we ask you know what? and he says that this is the true church. We just smiled and said we know and continued. It was amazing and to top it all off on Sunday we had no one come and just when we thought well all that for nothing. A new guy walks in through the door we have never taught but lives in our area and one of the kids of a less active family we helped come back to church walks over to me hands me a bag of cookies sits with me and sings with me. The man next to me was blind and heard me sing and cried and thanked me for singing so beautifully next to him so he could sing with us. Honestly this week was just amazing. And its this, this is the reason why I love being here. Why I love being here in the hot sun with broken shoes and everything. This week was so awesome. I also just recieved a new cover for my little hymn book and im attaching a picture so you guys can see it. Its of my family. Also I broke my shoe this month and I finally got new shoes today wooo. But thank you everyone for all your love and emails. It honestly is amazing. Until Next week.


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