I cant Beleive its not butter

Hello all you amazing people who basically just kinda have to live with the fact that yopu get random emails from a guy in Paraguay. Well on this weeks episode of Paraguayn Adventure we had a Baptism on Saturday!!!! WOOO it was so awesome. Her name is Marina Lopez and she is the sweetest lady ever. It was a very interesting turn of events with her but she decided to be baptised.. Besides that amazing blessing we have been working real hard and we had 3 new investogators in church today which was super sick because there is just so many amazing people to work with and seeds that have been planted in peoples hearts about this gospel. Today also was super exciting because i decided to pay a quick visit to my first area Yukyry and it was such a amazing time. I went to see the Sanchez family the family converts that I have there and it was so funny to have all her kids just jump on me and yell Elder Martinez we missed you so much we always talk about you. And it just brough a really warm feeling in my heart. After they invited us to eat Lunch in there home and it was so sweet of them and to actually see the amazing blessing that the Lord has given them to now be able to be so much more prgoressed then before its beautiful. We also remninded each other of the promise we have that in FFebruary we will see each other in the temple for their temple family sealing. I am so excited for that time to come. I also cant beleive its going to be a year since then. After I went to visit some of my other converts there and they are still super active in the church and one of them is one of the best students in Seminary and it just makes me feel so blessed to have been a part of their lives.
Honestly the mission is probably the best thing that I have been able to do. And im still juist as excited as when I started. I can get really tiring and stressful but its worth it. Thank you all for your constant emails. And until next week.

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