Its been a short but long way (Aug 10th)

Hello everyone who is just an amazing person and finds them selves
reading the emails of this missionary in Paraguay.. How are yall doin?
This week was honestly a super fast week. We worked super hard and
really hard with the young Men as well. They are such a great help and
so enthusiastic to serve missions as well. Thats what made it a lot
more fun. Besides that the week we found this really awesome guy his
name is Julian. THis man is just so sweet. We just went to his door
one day and he invited us in gave us sandwhiches, then we went back
yesterday and he told us how much he loved talking to us and how great
he felt and how much he felt the spirit. I gave him my testimony of
the gospel and how amazing it is and how it makes us feel this feeling
of peace he feels but all the time not just when talking to
missionaies. He almost started to cry and said that he has never felt
somthing so true. It was such a blessing to share this experience with
him. Later he then brought out his guitar and sang to me like 3 songs
it was the awesomest thing ever. Then he asked me to sing for him and
i just got caught off guard because i hadnt really done it in a while.
SO i sang and he said it was also really beautiful so atleast i know I
havent completely lost my touch. lolol. I honestly really just love
the mission. And I love the people that i have met and the other
Elders ive gotten to work with. The sad part is is that 2 really good
friends of mine are ending there missions this week so I wont see them
for another year when I am back hoime and 1 of those 2 is my dad on
the mission so thats really hard for me because that crazy tall guy
taught me everything I know basically jaja and its just really sad to
say bye again after my last companion going home the last transfer.
And Elder Breton hes my mexican brother from another mother jaja. Its
just gpnna be very strange this transfer. But I love you guys and miss
you guys always love the emails. Until next week.


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