Concepcion bound

SO guess who received changes….. I did so I have left Itaugua and it was a very sad goobye. I grew to love that area so much and it was even more sad because the people had gotten so used to me for being there so long we all thought i was staying more. But a las it couldnt last forever. And now i am in…… Concepcion dun dun dunnnnn!! LOL so everyone bascially always talks about this place like its some amazing/hard/hot place and I guess im just really excited to be here. Its realllly HOT though and my area is underwater but ill be sending those pics over. ANd then I can say I survived cincepceion in the summer.

Honestly its really crazy for me right now because I have basically been in the center for my whole mission and now im really far. Concepcion is one of the more further areas. I took a really fancy double decker busses for 6 hours up north so Im really far away. Im kinda of excited in the aspect that I get to serve out here now and I know that The Lord definetly calls us to where we are needed, And I guess there is something the Lord needs me to do here in Concepecion. Is also awesome because I will be speniding christmas here!!!! So thats going to be fun.

SO ive uploaded some pictures for yall. And hope you enjoy themDSCF8119 - copia.JPG


Holy Cow the lights are back!


How do you find yourlves my friends? Good I hope.
I am good as well. This week was pretty intense if I do say so myself. Lets start out with a PAt on the back for my companion and I we were able to visit all the 12 neighborhoods in our huge area this week what what!!!! SO thats actually quite an accomplishment. But the reason for the title of my email is what also happened this week. 😓😢 We had this super crazy Tropical storm hit and it was a lot worse then I thought it was going to be. ☔ So the rain hit at around 4 in the morning. All I is the power go out and the fans stop and then the window slams wide open and we hear the rain and see all the lighting it looks like the final battle at hogwarts. I whisper to my companion who is still asleep and he says shhh i fell the mist on my face and im just looking at him. Then there water everywhere and Im just like nuhuhuh im not doing this so I went back to bed.
The next morning…. no power no water all our books are wet water on the floor and we already know its going to be a service day. I dont have pictures becaue i felt like it wouldve been disrespectful. But roofs were taken out, houses were destoyd and treees were all fallen over. It was a disater.
But this week was also Fast and testimony meeting and the testimonies were amazing. Everyone just really learned a lot from the storm. It felt super inspiring and amazing. This week I also started to see a lot of the spirtual promptings that exist. And how it all helps us really do the errand of God. Because the action that the spiritul prompting had you do could have beeen the answer to someone elses prayer. And how amazing feeling is that. 😊
I know that my savior and redeemer lives. And I know god lives and that he loves all of his children. I know that in the world we have a lot of suffering and that its very hard but all of it is there to help us grow. No we are not perfect but from what I know and beleive is that one day we will be and thats thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that thak to him I was able to have a baptism for the remission for my sins. And what better thing to proclaim unto the people than that this truth is availabe to them too.

 7 For a small moment have I forsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee.

 8 In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer.

This scripture is amazing its found in 3 Nephi 22:7-8

Thank you all for your emails and support. Also here s a picture of this awesome water thermal i got here. They are super popular thermals here in PAraguay cause its soooo hot and they drink a lot of cold water and terrere. IMG_1371[1].JPG

Thanksgiving GUA´U

Hello and goodmorrow to all you amazing people.😄
This week was Super amazing…. well kind of. There were super amazing that happened. For one it was my companions Birthday!!!!! WOOOP! So I made him a cake he said it was really good but I dont know I dont think I would pursue being a baker in the future. But yes so we celbrated his Birthday kind of. Then This week was Thanksgiving back in the states so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!🎉
SO here in Paraguay thanksgiving is not a thing so no we didnt have some cool big fiest butttttt dont fret there is awesome guy here who for some reason has taken a liking to me and I got him to make us Turkey Lomito Arabes and here in Paraguay its one of my favorite foods and it was DELICIOUSSSS!!!!! I went some of the other missionaries as well so we could give the man some buisness and that way I share the beauty of Turkey. OKay then Brings us to the two amazing picutres I have bellow. There was a crazy storm on Friday night and it just downpoured and we got caught in the rain. The rain was flooding the streets and the water was coming up to my calfs😅😰. It was quite a walk home! But then Saturday it was all made up because we had this amazing lesson with our Investigator Daniel.🙆

Its amazing and beautiful to see his conversion and how the spirit really lets him reslove his own doubts. Its hoenstly amazing what the Birth of a savior has dont for us. What Jesus Christ has dont for us. This Christmas we most once again remember what is the point of it. Why is it that we actually celebrate this holiday. This is what brings me also to my ponderizing scripture this week, Its in Alma 7:15

“15 Yea, I say unto you come and fear not, and lay asideevery sin, which easily doth beset you, which doth bindyou down to destruction, yea, come and go forth, andshow unto your God that ye are willing to repent of yoursins and enter into a covenant with him to keep hiscommandments, and witness it unto him this day by goinginto the waters of baptism.”

Its amazing what he has dont for us. We can now repent and be clean of sin. And Daniel understands that as well. We are so excited as well for him to be married. His wedding will also be the same day how exciting. I leave you guys with this amazing Christmas video that the church has put together. Remember the point of Christmas guys. this one is in english this one is in spanish

(Elder Harder and I singing in the rain haha) It was really dark so you cant really see the water.

Look who we found also getting caught in the rain haha. The Hermanas from our district Hermana Noorda and Hermana Scott.

My Shoes might not make it

How is everyone on this amazing MOnday.
Well honestly this week was not as exciting as my weeks usually are. We started to try and walking to the farthest points of our area and maybe finding someone who might be ready to listen to us. Granted it would be hard because our furthest point is like 2 hours walking from the chapel I think something like that. But its also the week I realized my shoes are dying hahaha. I look at them and Its just funny to think what they used to look like, But Its just one of those cool memories of hey look what I did MOM! This week my ponderizing scripture is in Moroni 8:25

“25 And the first fruits of repentance is baptism; and baptism cometh by faith unto the fulfilling the commandments; and the fulfilling the commandments bringeth remission of sins;”

Its really going to be able to show us what the beauty of repentance really is. We know and love our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ and because of him we have this amazing atonement that allows us to receive the remission for our sins. What an amazing gift and how selfish would we be not to share it or use it. It really is a blessing and a great thing to proclaim here in Paraguay. And let everyone know that they can receive the remission of their sins. We only have to exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrafice. I love this gospel and the blessings and hope it brings us. Thank you all for all the love and support you guys give me and your emails always. Take care and have a great Thanksigiving eat a lot for me.
​Heres a picture of me cooking Sopa Paraguaya!!!


Ohmygoodness it has once again gotten really hot down here in Paraguay. But that just means we will really be working to wipe that  sweat off our brow. But thats always the best kind of work am I right…. SO we have been trying really hard to work with new people but its really hard when no one really is willing to come to church but we know that someone out there is ready. The great thing is that this week will be a lot about faith. SO the pondersizing scripture of this week is 


“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the First Principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the “key” To getting everything else running.


When we have Faith in Christ, We accept and Apply his atonement and his teachings. We have confidence in him and what he says.


Faith in Christ Brings us to act and to a sincere and lasting Repentance.


To have faith makes us strengthen ourselves to the max to learn about the savior and to become more like him. We want to know what his commandments are and obey them. And even though we commit errors, we demonstrate our love for him, when we strive to keep his commandments and avoid sin.
So the biggest thing learning as a missionary is that when we want to teach our investigators something we also must be living those principals right?. SO what does that mean it means this guy needs to exercise some faith the hand of the lord and miracles.  
I also hope you enjoy the pictures. Some are from some people we were working with so we could help them come back to church and they been holding strong again for about a month and half its been great. 
Also a really late halloween pictre because i had lost all of my pictures and was able to restore them so theres a late halloween picture. 
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