Concepcion bound

SO guess who received changes….. I did so I have left Itaugua and it was a very sad goobye. I grew to love that area so much and it was even more sad because the people had gotten so used to me for being there so long we all thought i was staying more. But a las it couldnt last forever. And now i am in…… Concepcion dun dun dunnnnn!! LOL so everyone bascially always talks about this place like its some amazing/hard/hot place and I guess im just really excited to be here. Its realllly HOT though and my area is underwater but ill be sending those pics over. ANd then I can say I survived cincepceion in the summer.

Honestly its really crazy for me right now because I have basically been in the center for my whole mission and now im really far. Concepcion is one of the more further areas. I took a really fancy double decker busses for 6 hours up north so Im really far away. Im kinda of excited in the aspect that I get to serve out here now and I know that The Lord definetly calls us to where we are needed, And I guess there is something the Lord needs me to do here in Concepecion. Is also awesome because I will be speniding christmas here!!!! So thats going to be fun.

SO ive uploaded some pictures for yall. And hope you enjoy themDSCF8119 - copia.JPG


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