Ohmygoodness it has once again gotten really hot down here in Paraguay. But that just means we will really be working to wipe that  sweat off our brow. But thats always the best kind of work am I right…. SO we have been trying really hard to work with new people but its really hard when no one really is willing to come to church but we know that someone out there is ready. The great thing is that this week will be a lot about faith. SO the pondersizing scripture of this week is 


“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the First Principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the “key” To getting everything else running.


When we have Faith in Christ, We accept and Apply his atonement and his teachings. We have confidence in him and what he says.


Faith in Christ Brings us to act and to a sincere and lasting Repentance.


To have faith makes us strengthen ourselves to the max to learn about the savior and to become more like him. We want to know what his commandments are and obey them. And even though we commit errors, we demonstrate our love for him, when we strive to keep his commandments and avoid sin.
So the biggest thing learning as a missionary is that when we want to teach our investigators something we also must be living those principals right?. SO what does that mean it means this guy needs to exercise some faith the hand of the lord and miracles.  
I also hope you enjoy the pictures. Some are from some people we were working with so we could help them come back to church and they been holding strong again for about a month and half its been great. 
Also a really late halloween pictre because i had lost all of my pictures and was able to restore them so theres a late halloween picture. 
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