Thanksgiving GUA´U

Hello and goodmorrow to all you amazing people.😄
This week was Super amazing…. well kind of. There were super amazing that happened. For one it was my companions Birthday!!!!! WOOOP! So I made him a cake he said it was really good but I dont know I dont think I would pursue being a baker in the future. But yes so we celbrated his Birthday kind of. Then This week was Thanksgiving back in the states so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!🎉
SO here in Paraguay thanksgiving is not a thing so no we didnt have some cool big fiest butttttt dont fret there is awesome guy here who for some reason has taken a liking to me and I got him to make us Turkey Lomito Arabes and here in Paraguay its one of my favorite foods and it was DELICIOUSSSS!!!!! I went some of the other missionaries as well so we could give the man some buisness and that way I share the beauty of Turkey. OKay then Brings us to the two amazing picutres I have bellow. There was a crazy storm on Friday night and it just downpoured and we got caught in the rain. The rain was flooding the streets and the water was coming up to my calfs😅😰. It was quite a walk home! But then Saturday it was all made up because we had this amazing lesson with our Investigator Daniel.🙆

Its amazing and beautiful to see his conversion and how the spirit really lets him reslove his own doubts. Its hoenstly amazing what the Birth of a savior has dont for us. What Jesus Christ has dont for us. This Christmas we most once again remember what is the point of it. Why is it that we actually celebrate this holiday. This is what brings me also to my ponderizing scripture this week, Its in Alma 7:15

“15 Yea, I say unto you come and fear not, and lay asideevery sin, which easily doth beset you, which doth bindyou down to destruction, yea, come and go forth, andshow unto your God that ye are willing to repent of yoursins and enter into a covenant with him to keep hiscommandments, and witness it unto him this day by goinginto the waters of baptism.”

Its amazing what he has dont for us. We can now repent and be clean of sin. And Daniel understands that as well. We are so excited as well for him to be married. His wedding will also be the same day how exciting. I leave you guys with this amazing Christmas video that the church has put together. Remember the point of Christmas guys. this one is in english this one is in spanish

(Elder Harder and I singing in the rain haha) It was really dark so you cant really see the water.

Look who we found also getting caught in the rain haha. The Hermanas from our district Hermana Noorda and Hermana Scott.


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