I keep on coming back for more

I stayed hooray!!! So I stayed in my area of Benjamin Aceval which I am excited about because its actually a really cool area. But my companion left. But this week was pretty excitiing in its own way. SO we had a lot of changes in our Zone and a lot of the missionaries here are super awesome so itll be a fun change. And We are working with 2 of our investigators who will hopefully be baptised this upcoming month. Oh okay so also before I forget we got to eat more lion this week haha. We ate lion epanadas which were pretty tasty so that was exciting. And turns out the Member really enjoyed my cooking so she asked me to make her son a Birthday cake for Sunday because she wanted to invite us over for lunch and for the small get together.

This has also been a tough time for me on the mission. I dont really understand a lot of things still. I struggle with a lot of faults and I try to keep getting better. I know that the mission is hard. But I really think of the promises and blessings we can receive from serving the Lord as well as serving our brothers and sisters.

I was asked to give the class this last Sunday where we studied the talk from General conference. it teaches us ways we can be the help and sustain for others. Little things like smiling and saying kinds words to others. And i started to think that fgor the past year and 8months i have put all of my problems to the side like they dont matter. And have been focusing on how do i help this person in front of me. And thats why I just want to keep coming back for more.

Inline image 1

I know that this work is amazing. I hope I can keep being a usful insturment in the hands of my God my Heavnly Father.


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