Its coming

Hello everyone well its that time of the week again. When this really weird annoying guy from Paraguay emails lol jk. But really hi. Well so another thing that has come around again is changes ahhhh. Tomorrow we find out who leaves who stays and stuff like that and I really want to stay so I hope everything works out the way it has to. This weekend we had a Baptism for our convert Victor Palma. He is this amazing young guy who works to help his mom provide for him and his 6 younger siblings. Victor is 15 and is sucha an example. How every morning he was woken up early to help his mother make her plant medicne she sells so he can attend church. He is so great. And I feel so blessed to have met him here in Benjamin Aceval. Im really Loving my area and it has been a lot of fun getting to know all these people. Oh we made Home made bread this week with one of our investigators it was a lot of fun and we also helped our recent converts make brooms because they make them and sell them for a living. So if anyone needs a broom let me know haha. but really though it amazes me how much these people make a living out of these talents they have. How the Husband goes out everymorning to cut dow branches and pick the twigs and the wife binds all of it together with rubber from used wheels. It was really a great experince for me to help them and learn how to make a broom. Oh also perks of being in the chaco a Sister in our Branch who gives us lunch of firdays fed us Lion?!?!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!? I know it was very delicious. lol. Then I cooked this last friday because that was the deal she would make something crazy and if i liked i had to cook the following week haha. But after that deal i dont think ill be cooking for a while haha. But the scripture I have been ponderizing this week was Jacob 4:11 in the book of Mormon and it says.
11 Wherefore, beloved brethren, be reconciled unto himthrough the atonement of Christ, his Only Begotten Son,and ye may obtain a resurrection, according to the powerof the resurrection which is in Christ, and be presented asthe first-fruits of Christ unto God, having faith, andobtained a good hope of glory in him before hemanifesteth himself in the flesh


#Selfie Sunday!!🙆

Thank You to everyone who emails me write me and remembers me. I Love yall soooo much and Hope to awlays hear from everyone. The count down is starting 4 months. August 11th!!

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