What his love has made of me

Hello my Friennds and Family that are so awesome and read my emails. So this week was pretty interesting and great at the same time. So I was able to go on some divisions this week and it was a lot of fun. I always learn so much from the missionaries in my Zone i think thats my favorite part about being able to do divisions. Also our Recent convert Victor is doing so well. He is really getting into his book of mormon reading. We are also working with 2 more of our investigators to be baptised at the end of this month so I hope that goes well. I mostly just feel so much love from my area and the members here. They all invite us over for food and ask if they can go out to do visits with us and that always helps out a lot. I know Jesus Christ is our savior and he is perfect and the way he worked he came to do all righteousness and that he didnt come to be popular but to preach. But I like that people in my area like me, that they make me feel loved. Its a time where I really do put all my problems on the back burner while I help others with their problems. Also this week was super awesome I got a picture with a monkey!!!!!! It was so cute and addorable. Im excited and there was a lot of beautiful scenary this time around. It also started getting cold finally. So its a nice turn of events.

Displaying IMG_0391[1].JPG

Thanks to everyone for always youre support. Im also excited Happy Mothers day for every mom out there and that I get to skype my mom for the last time before i see her in person.


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