You Want me to sing??

hello everyone so this was a really crazy week. So this week we were traveling back and forth between chaco area seeing the tribe called Tobacon that is progressing really well and then I went on Divisions in Villa Hayes and that was a lot of fun too. Me and my companion are still in so much shock that we are companion again but its still super awesome.

This week was pretty rough for me though emoptionally or spiritually i dont really know but when you start to end your mission you start to think about everything like have I dont everything right? YTou statrt to think about the crazy expectations you had fouryouself and I just felt like maybe I wasnt getting there. Then on Sunday we were in Sunday school learning about the teachings of the Prophet and it was precisely exactly what I needed. It talked about how the small things is what makes us great. Not the really big things. Joesph Smith was known for all his amazing small services he wouñd do for other people which is what made him great. and I just had to realize that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
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It honestly helped me a lot be able to move forward a little more. Then today we also had our Zone Activity. Elder Libby and I kind of came up with this really fun idea for a re lñay race with a bouncy house haha, Which is one of the first Zone Activites I had back when I was in Molino. And it was a lot of fun. I thank my 2nd ZL for that idea haha. But it was a lot of fun. Also Its always greay to see your frined whose all the way up north and your 2 children on the mission. SO that was nice. Oh and Best part is when you get a phone call from your little brother on the  mission asking “hey so I know you sing so dont lie and by the way you are singing for President tomorrow” lol okay so I guess im singing for my mission President tomorrow lol For his last capacitation with us its actually really sad. He will be ending his mission at the end of this month so Ill have a new mission President for my final interview. But I hope this song goes well lol. And I hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Thanks for all youre emails love and support.


Cough Cough… Im Sick

OKay sooooo I dont know how many of you actually remember about this but I actually sand for my mission President this last week. SO My Mission President is ending his mission and they asked me to sing a special musical number so I had my good Friend Elder Vela acompany me on the piano and it was not a total disaster but almost there. I think eveyone was just too into the moment at the time to think wow this is terrible so everyone just thought to themselves that was so great and spiritual and cried. BUt besides that part of the week we are having a good time trying to really Help Benjamin Aceval really reach its potential as a Brnach. It was also our friends birthday today so what better way to celebrate then with Pizza. The little luxries we like to give ourselves every once in awhile.

Im really going to miss these times as well as my mission presidents. So better make every day count right now then huh?
Well thanks everyone and until next week.
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The Howl

Hello everyone well this week was very interesting and fun. It was  a lot of fun becasue we actually got to have an activity for mothers day here a little late but we did it so that super awesome. The youth put on a lot of cool skits and dances and scenes i was very impressed. It was a lot of emotional stress because a lot of things have been going on in our area and some of the members in our area all at once started to go through some really hard trials so that is always a lot of emotional stress for us as missionaries because we have honestly just gorwn to love these people so much. Then we went to do our Sunday sacrament meeting with the tribe we have here the Tobacons and right in the middle there were some monkeys in the trees who started to howl while we were all wlaking in and when we started to sing. It was actually super awesome. So we will see what happens this next week. Its never boring here in Benjamin Aceval so it keeps me entertained.

They say we are freaks

Hello everyone. Whats up whats going on in your amazing lives? Everything here in Paraguay is pretty chill you know the temperature is really starting to drop and its getting a bit cooler. But its been a really awesome week. So this past week Ive ostrachis on a Division I had I also saw a few tucans flying in my area oh and a Member in my branch just bought a pet pig. Its like 10 days old and its the most precious thing ever. We also had an activity in our branch where a lot of the members participated and understood what it meant to stick to the iron rod. Liz is progressing very well and she will be baptised the 28th of May and she is very excited to take that step in her life. Oh mothers day in Paraguay was also this past sunday so that was cool. The relief Society President had me paint the gifts for the moms and I got a special shout out by her and all the moms were super happy it was a tender moment. Also today we had a Birthday for my ex companion and future room mate at school jaja it was really funny we went to TGI Fridays with a couple of missionary frinds it was a lot of fun. Well hope you all enjoyed your weeks as well until next week.