Cough Cough… Im Sick

OKay sooooo I dont know how many of you actually remember about this but I actually sand for my mission President this last week. SO My Mission President is ending his mission and they asked me to sing a special musical number so I had my good Friend Elder Vela acompany me on the piano and it was not a total disaster but almost there. I think eveyone was just too into the moment at the time to think wow this is terrible so everyone just thought to themselves that was so great and spiritual and cried. BUt besides that part of the week we are having a good time trying to really Help Benjamin Aceval really reach its potential as a Brnach. It was also our friends birthday today so what better way to celebrate then with Pizza. The little luxries we like to give ourselves every once in awhile.

Im really going to miss these times as well as my mission presidents. So better make every day count right now then huh?
Well thanks everyone and until next week.
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