They say we are freaks

Hello everyone. Whats up whats going on in your amazing lives? Everything here in Paraguay is pretty chill you know the temperature is really starting to drop and its getting a bit cooler. But its been a really awesome week. So this past week Ive ostrachis on a Division I had I also saw a few tucans flying in my area oh and a Member in my branch just bought a pet pig. Its like 10 days old and its the most precious thing ever. We also had an activity in our branch where a lot of the members participated and understood what it meant to stick to the iron rod. Liz is progressing very well and she will be baptised the 28th of May and she is very excited to take that step in her life. Oh mothers day in Paraguay was also this past sunday so that was cool. The relief Society President had me paint the gifts for the moms and I got a special shout out by her and all the moms were super happy it was a tender moment. Also today we had a Birthday for my ex companion and future room mate at school jaja it was really funny we went to TGI Fridays with a couple of missionary frinds it was a lot of fun. Well hope you all enjoyed your weeks as well until next week.







































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