Im Like 21 now O_o

Holy Cow so this week we had changes and it honestly will not lie has felt like an eternity!!!! Like not in a bad way but in a good way. Like i was thinking what am I going to write I feel like everyone knows about changes and stuff but it was only this week. I guess Just so much has happened this week it has felt like longer then a week. SO to start off I am in my last 3 weeks. I will be ending my mission here in  Benjamin Aceval making it 6 months being here and 2nd area ive been that long in the 1st being Itaugua. And My companion is the best Companion ever because its Elder Harder!!!!! What yesss we are companions again and he is going to kill me. SO this so awesome but so sad at the samt time because I just want to take him home with me. BUt its not too bad because he comes home 3 months after me so I know he´ll be home in no time.

Then Last Monday My Friends because they just love eating and throwing Birthdays they threw me a surprise Birthday Partywhich was a lot of fun Everyone that I had been really good friends with was there there was cake and candels and singing and it was a lot of fun. It actually made it feel like an actual birthday despite the fact we were in Paraguay on the Mission. Then We had changes the next day and My companion left because well he is home now and I also had to say bye to my Coolmbian child in the zone and my friend Elder Libby.
The thats when I found out that My companion was Elder Harder and He made me a cake for my Birthday which was pretty funny becuse Last time we were companions it was his Birthday and I made him a cake so it was cool. The the members in my area also gave me a surprise Birthday Party so that was really awesome. HOnestly its really sad that this mission is coming to end mostly because its just so at an all time high. But its not here yet.
Im just excited to Baptise with Elder Harder because i just think thats my biggest goal this change. So everyone just pray for some success for us. 🤗
Inline image 1 There is just so much Joy in my soul for this and that makes this scripture sooo true. Hope Yall enjoy the bombarding of all these pictures. 


Well here we go

Well so im going into my last 4 weeks of my mission meaning only 4 more left of these bad boys how exciting right??? Actually im freaking out of my mind because I dont even know what to do with my life. Im also just really nervous because changes are coming around tomorrow so I have no idea what is happening if I am staying or whose going to be my companion and its just one more meltdown one last time. But I am honestly not that nervouse because as weird as this sounds I kinda feel deep inside that everything is going to be alright im nervous but I know God knows me and the situation im in and he will give me what I need. Atleast idk if thats me with a lot of faith or just hoping so I dont have a mental break down lolol. bUt this week was pretty good it was my companions last week 😰 so that was super sad. But im excited for him and to see him in 4 weeks so its not that big of a deal. We had a baptism in the dark this saturday. So a light post got knocked out on the block of the chapel so all the lights were out on the block which meant no light in the chapel. SO we had A Baptism in the dark so we used flashlights and we did it anyway. It was actually a really cool experience. But probably woundnt wanna do that again. Well I actually dont have to much time this week because of finalinterviews last minute things but all I can ask for is if you read this by tonight pray for Elder Martinez so I have good changes and a good last 4 weeks. IM realll nervous after all. And espically becasue I want to stay because my birthday is on thursday and the members want to throw a birthday bash. So we will see what happens. But thanks everyone. UNtil next week.