Well here we go

Well so im going into my last 4 weeks of my mission meaning only 4 more left of these bad boys how exciting right??? Actually im freaking out of my mind because I dont even know what to do with my life. Im also just really nervous because changes are coming around tomorrow so I have no idea what is happening if I am staying or whose going to be my companion and its just one more meltdown one last time. But I am honestly not that nervouse because as weird as this sounds I kinda feel deep inside that everything is going to be alright im nervous but I know God knows me and the situation im in and he will give me what I need. Atleast idk if thats me with a lot of faith or just hoping so I dont have a mental break down lolol. bUt this week was pretty good it was my companions last week 😰 so that was super sad. But im excited for him and to see him in 4 weeks so its not that big of a deal. We had a baptism in the dark this saturday. So a light post got knocked out on the block of the chapel so all the lights were out on the block which meant no light in the chapel. SO we had A Baptism in the dark so we used flashlights and we did it anyway. It was actually a really cool experience. But probably woundnt wanna do that again. Well I actually dont have to much time this week because of finalinterviews last minute things but all I can ask for is if you read this by tonight pray for Elder Martinez so I have good changes and a good last 4 weeks. IM realll nervous after all. And espically becasue I want to stay because my birthday is on thursday and the members want to throw a birthday bash. So we will see what happens. But thanks everyone. UNtil next week.


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