Its a sweet tamale gone bad

Hey everyone sorry yesterday we did not have anytime what so ever to be able to email so im doing it today. I hope everyones week has been going farely well. Its been really sad at the same time. I have been saying farewells to a lot of my old areas and just how hard it is that I wont see these people for a long time is really hard. My companion and I are having a really good time though which is only making it harder for when its time to go. The weeks go by but they feel like forever at the same time becasue of how much fun it is. This Saturday we will also be having a baptism my last baptism as a missionary so thats actually super emotional. I also gave my last talk on sunday because next sunday its testimony meeting and it just broke my heart because everyone was crying. And after wards a member came up to me and said Elder I am upset with you becasue you made eveyone cry in Sacarament today. Then explaining a little more on the title they gave us a piece of cake and it tastes like a sweet tamle gone bad. It literally wasnt the best cake. BUt mostly because they ran out of milk so they used water and they didnt have enough Sugar either so yeah it just want not a good time. But all in all it was a fun week. Now its only 10 more days until I am back it New York. Until next week.


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