The time of my Life

Well Its been 2 long but short years hasnt it? Well this is my last email as a missionary here in Paraguay because I am coming home this week. So no more will you be bombarded with these annoying emails every monday. But I would really like to thank all of you for being with me on this journey. For all the support the emails, the letters and packages. Honestly its been an amazing time here in Paraguay and I love this place so much. My companion has also made this last change amazing. Well for some last few stories we had a Baptism this last Saturday. Milagros was able to get baptized. So it was my last baptism on the mission for my last weekend on the mission. But so of course even though it was the last one the work was not going to be an easier. So the water cut in the whole area and it was awful- We had to go the huge water reserve bucket well thing and scoop up just so many buckets of water to be able to fill up the baptismal font. And of course it wasn’t going to be a simple water bucket fill up but it ended up turning into a water fight. And we were both soaking wet by the end of the font being filled. It was actually a lot of fun. This Sunday was also my last sunday in Paraguay and I gave my last testimony. And Everyone went after me and it was the saddest thing ever. Everyone just started to cry and say how they will miss me and its making it super hard because I still cant process me leaving. But thanks everyone for the love and Support. This has been the best decision I could’ve ever made for myself. I am so sad to leave but excited to see what is next. Ill be seeing you all at the end of this week. For anyone who wants to contact me now Ill be getting home Saturday at 6:30 in the morning so you can Facebook me. and well until next time. Thats a wrap.  



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